Class Alliances And The Liberal Authoritarian State The Roots Of Post Colonial Democracy In Jamaica Trinidad And Tobago And Surinam -

history of jamaica wikipedia - the caribbean island of jamaica was inhabited by the taino tribes prior to the arrival of columbus in 1503 early inhabitants of jamaica named the land xaymaca meaning land of wood and water the spanish enslaved the tainos who were so ravaged by their conflict with the europeans and by foreign diseases that nearly the entire native population was extinct by 1600, histoire de la jama que wikip dia - pr histoire et d couverte de la jama que le peuple ta no s est tabli en jama que vers l an 1000 avant notre re sur un territoire qu il a appel xamayca la terre du bois et de l eau apr s l arriv e de christophe colomb le 4 avril 1494 l espagne revendique la propri t de l le et d s 1509 l occupe et lui donne le nom de santiago saint jacques