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a practitioner s guide to software test design lee - a practitioner s guide to software test design lee copeland on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers here s a comprehensive up to date and practical introduction to software test design this invaluable book presents all the important test design techniques in a single place and in a consistent, exploratory software testing tips tricks tours and - exploratory software testing tips tricks tours and techniques to guide test design james a whittaker on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers how to find and fix the killer software bugs that evade conventional testing in exploratory software testing i, wbdg wbdg whole building design guide - with over 500 000 users downloading 3 million documents per month the wbdg is the only web based portal providing government and industry practitioners with one stop access to current information on a wide range of building related guidance criteria and technology from a whole buildings perspective, test driven development give me a break write more tests - you seem to live in a world of hacking together toy software one day when you become a software engineer who has to build complex long lived software as part of a team of people following modern engineering practices model driven development design by contract upon which people s well being depends you will change your tune i suspect, a practitioner s guide to demand planning supply chain 24 7 - effective demand planning doesn t just happen it requires work to move forward companies have to admit the mistakes of the past implement continuous improvement programs to drive discipline and carefully re implement demand planning technologies to sense and shape demand here s a guide to making sound demand planning a reality, test automation tools software testing - software test automation tools automated software testing is becoming more and more important for many software projects in order to automatically verify key functionality test for regressions and help teams run a large number of tests in a short period of time, softwaretestpro where software testing and quality - software test professionals conference expo the leading conference on software testing where testers come to learn the software test professionals conference is the leading event where test leadership management and strategy converge, what is istqb certification is it a good software testing - istqb certification is an internationally accepted software testing certification that is conducted online by its member boards through a testing exam provider an exam provider is an organization licensed by a member board s to offer exams locally and internationally including online testing certification, a guide to patenting software getting started - any good patent application that covers a software related invention will need to put forth three specific pieces of information first you need to describe the overall computer architecture of, commissioning document compliance and acceptance wbdg - ashrae 202 table d 1 documentation matrix related issues building information modeling bim building information modeling bim based on criteria developed through the national institute of building sciences buildingsmart alliance and others is a technology that enables accumulation and management of facility life cycle information based on industry foundation classes ifc, test driven development wikipedia - test driven development tdd is a software development process that relies on the repetition of a very short development cycle requirements are turned into very specific test cases then the software is improved to pass the new tests only this is opposed to software development that allows software to be added that is not proven to meet requirements, 2010 standard occupational classification system - plan direct or coordinate one or more administrative services of an organization such as records and information management mail distribution facilities planning and maintenance custodial operations and other office support services, testing guide introduction owasp - there are some common misconceptions when developing a testing methodology to find security bugs in software this chapter covers some of the basic principles that professionals should take into account when performing security tests on software, introduction to agile usability user experience ux - this article presents a coherent strategy for bringing usability practices into agile project summarizing chapter 4 of maturing usability quality in software interaction and value user experience ux and agile practitioners need to learn about and respect each other s philosophies and techniques and then actively find ways to work together, agile testing and quality strategies discipline over rhetoric - it s important to note that an agile independent test team works significantly differently than a traditional independent test team the agile independent test team focuses on a small minority of the testing effort the hardest part of it while the development team does the majority of the testing grunt work, software process models thomas a alspaugh - the sashimi software process takeuchi nonaka1986 nnpd is quite similar to the waterfall except that the phases overlap to show that requirements can t be completed until architecture is at least partially explored and architecture can t be completed until module design is at least partially explored and so on the sashimi process is most appropriate for medium sized projects for which